Oil Mill

The new Palazzo di Varignana oil mill will start production in November 2023: 300m2 of production site surrounded by over 160,000 of the estate’s own olive trees.

The oil mill is where olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil will be brought and where all the processing will take place. The proximity of the mill to the olive groves will allow us to immediately press the harvested olives with an integrated production chain in a single location, managed and organized by our dedicated staff, who put their hearts and souls into caring for the land at Varignana.

Pressing is a fundamental step in our production process, which comprises a two-stage continuous cycle. This modern facility is equipped with reduced oxidative impact systems operating at low processing temperatures with the capability of processing each olive variety at a specific temperature, enhancing the fruity character or controlling and modifying the amount of polyphenols and therefore the intensity of the bitterness and/or piquancy.

You can buy this locally produced extra virgin olive oil at the Winery at Via Cà Masino 1091, or in the Resort shop at Via Cà Masino 611/A or at the nearby Oliveto sul Lago Country House, 200m from the Oil Mill, Via Cà Venturoli 720.

For more information call:

Winery +39 051 19931203

Resort Shop +39 051 19939917

Oliveto sul Lago +39 051 19931201

We have brought together the skills of agriculturalists, botanists, and olive growers to help us in this task.

With the “Adopt an Olive Tree” project, we want to create the conditions not only to extend this landscape, but above all to offer the possibility to share in this ethical choice. In this way we can continue to unite nature, beauty, sustainability, human labor, and a love for olive oil.

Experience a journey to discover the olive oils of Palazzo di Varignana, with a tasting flight guided by our experts. An emotional and delicious experience tasting the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, created from a zero-km integrated production chain located in Varignana.