About Us

AGRIVAR, agricultural estate of Palazzo di Varignana, was established in the small and charming village of Varignana, in the foothills of Castel San Pietro Terme.

Our agricultural estate was founded in 2015 for the cultivation of olive trees and vines, with the later addition of orchards and saffron, and with the aim of sharing the experience and values linked to the local area through high quality local produce.

The beautiful village of Varignana sits between Bologna and Romagna, in the foothills of Castel San Pietro Terme. The area has been profoundly marked by history, with traces of civilization that we have drawn from in every part of our project: from the ancient Roman city of Claterna, to the Romanesque Crypt of the Church of San Lorenzo, to sites along the Gothic Line that were the scene of events during the last world war.