Oil mill

Work has begun at Agrivar on an agricultural regeneration project, planting over 160.000 olive trees on more than 200 hectares of land over a 7-year period. A project spanning several years, which plans to bring back ancient olive varieties to grow in a place where they once thrived.
Planting a tree is always a symbol of commitment to the future, putting trust in humanity’s ability to respect the land, care for it, and harvest its fruit; shifting your gaze from the present to a distant horizon.

We have brought together the skills of agriculturalists, botanists, and olive growers to help us in this task.

With the “Adopt an Olive Tree” project, we want to create the conditions not only to extend this landscape, but above all to offer the possibility to share in this ethical choice. In this way we can continue to unite nature, beauty, sustainability, human labor, and a love for olive oil.

Adopt an olive tree

Choose a name for your adopted olive tree and write to us at: food@palazzodivarignana.com

               Adoption of 1 olive tree: €80 - 1 3lt bag-in- tube of our extra virgin olive oil

          Adoption of 3 olive trees: €220 - 3 3lt bag-in-tube of our extra virgin olive oil

         Adoption of 7 olive trees: €520 - 7 3lt bag-in-tube of our extra virgin olive oil

What is included:
10% discount on new olive oil for the next 5 years
Special offers on limited editions of our single variety oils
Personalized plaque with the name of your olive tree